Today was the day I have dreamed about for months, the first day of school. I danced and not some quaint little controlled waltz or what-not. No, I danced the dance of the free and argument free. I danced for those parents who are still enduring summer vacation. I danced for those of you who couldn’t dance for yourselves. I got you Boo. Usually I try to rip my alarm clock apart when it goes off because I am an insomniac. But not today, today I was awake before it went off. I had been laying there pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a cruel dream and that it was really true. YES! Blessed freedom for 3 beautiful hours a day. What are you laughing for? I am serious as an SAT test. For someone like me who is on 24/7 those 3 hours are like a weekend at a resort. I lounge around in my jammies and talk on the phone with no interruptions. I can go potty without someone knocking on the door repeatedly calling my name like they think maybe I crawled out the window. I would but it is on the second story and I might hurt myself taking that kind of fall. Yeah, I have calculated whether it would be worth the pain once or twice but chickened out. I can read a book, paint my toes or nap if I want. Oh wait, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have the Grandbaby and Monday’s Cindy has her weekly appointment, sigh… oh well I still have Wednesday’s and Friday’s and I plan on living it up by doing absolutely nothing or laundry, I do need to do laundry.