My biggest fear is to lose one of my children. Today I was all gung ho and giddy because the boys went back to school . The bus picked the Dude up bright and early for his first day, in his new program as a high school freshman. Picasso walked Romeo to school for me because he is too old for me to walk him the first day now that he is in 5th grade but it is apparently mega-cool and swag (WTF?) to have your older brother walk you.
I left this afternoon for an IEP, one of two I have in the next week, and realized the transportation dept. had never called me back to tell me the bus number or time for Dude’s drop off. I excused myself and ran out to call them. As soon as I dialed the number my phone started beeping to tell me that it was dying, they finally answer and proceed to tell me they don’t have him on the roster at all, turns out they spelled his name wrong. He put me on hold to call the driver who took him to school and came back with the news he did not get on the bus after school. His advice was to call the school.
Now I have my advocate coming out to tell me we need to get back to the IEP but I can’t because I am in panic mode because they don’t have my kid. The same kid who is placed on a bus at the end of my driveway, met at the school by an aide and is supposed to be placed on the bus by another aide then met by someone at my driveway. My phone started its death tone as I tried to reach the office at his school. They had closed at 4. My kid was somewhere out there and I had no idea where.
I sent a text to his adult cousin, his older brother and his Granny with a short version and asked them to please find him. I went back to the IEP with my head totally screwed up wondering where he was and if he was ok. The case manager took his phone out when I explained the problem and made a couple calls to transportation, as he hung up shaking his head and red faced he told me they would find him. About 10 agonizing minutes later my phone rings with the news that he was put on the wrong bus and the screw up was not noticed until the call that suggested transportation put a call out to all the buses to see if someone had him. The driver said it would not be until 5 or 5:30 before he could get him home as he had to finish his route first. My phone died, as I was texting his brother ,while listening to her explain the foul up to me. We decided to reconvene the IEP at a later time so I could be home when he got there.
The meltdown was epic. This poor kid started a new program, at a new school, with new teachers and classmates, a new bus driver, a new morning routine to accommodate a pickup 30 minutes earlier than what he is used to and was lost on a bus full of kids he didn’t know with a driver who didn’t even know he had one kid too many. He left home at 6:52 a.m. and returned home sometime after 5 p.m. He doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow. He cried himself to sleep.
Someone better have some really good answers for me in the morning.