So I signed up for this site where you complete surveys and they pay you depending on different criteria like length of survey, etc. I used an alternate email to get the notifications because my primary email is crazy full every day. It is because I am such a big shot and not because my kid Granny emails me a copy of every scam she sees online, multiple times until I respond. She says she never knows if I got them because she doesn’t get a reply. I keep trying to explain the difference between email and instant messaging but this is the same woman who called me to ask how much servers cost because “her internet could not find the server” one day so she must need to replace hers.
Anyway back to the surveys that will make me rich… the first couple days it was cool, 3 or 4 emails for assorted surveys that I could choose to take. Then one morning bright and early my cellphone started going crazy, buzzing and shaking like crazy. I rolled over and looked at it through one blurry eye (don’t act like you don’t know exactly what I mean) and I had 47 emails. 47 of them AFTER I had deleted them all before I went to bed! I figured they just had a lot of available surveys so I choose a couple and deleted the rest. Bright and damn early the next morning my phone started that same old song and dance. I looked at the screen and had so many of them my phone was telling me my system was full and I needed to delete apps or data. A little later I logged in online and had close to 100 of them in under 2 hours!
I want to cancel my account but can’t remember my password for the damn site. I could probably remember it if I was getting serenaded every night by umpteen emails offering me surveys worth a trillion dollars, I just want to sleep, at least past high moon o’clock, is that too much to ask for when my family fortune is at stake?