Had to educate a neighbor on Autism and what to expect from me if she ever told me what I needed to teach my kid so he wouldn’t react negatively to her kids who are older than him screwing with him again. Whew! I am out of breathe just writing all that. I didn’t have time to come up with a solid lesson plan so I just winged it. It went something like “what the bleep do I need to do for you idiots, put a big bleeping sign on my garage, get him a t-shirt, what? Or maybe I will just put my bleeping foot up your bleeping bleep until you get some social skills bleep.” And yes all that and more was said in front of 2 very kind officers of the law who had to come help me calm my kid down and get him inside after her kid along with a male friend of hers, who has jumped my son before, stood in their driveway for over 30 minutes taunting him about his sister until he flipped out. She was shrieking and screaming about how it was unnecessary to call the law when all her daughter was doing was talking. One cop drew his baton and the other asked if she would like to go on a ride downtown with them. Even then she didn’t shut up.

One of the officers told her she needed to learn compassion and she replied,” I work with kids like him every day he just needs social skills” (she doesn’t, she is a freaking hairdresser). Up until then I had been fairly calm and was even using my big girl words. I just couldn’t take it anymore, this booga wolf standing here blaming my kid because her kid was in the wrong, I flipped. When I was done saying what I needed to I walked over to my kid and tried bribing him to go inside because her voice was keeping him agitated, we finally convinced him to come inside by using his niece as a bargaining tool, he loves being able to hold her and play with her. High five to the grand for going along with the plan.

The sad thing is I will probably have this same conversation a thousand times over during his life. But I am confident I won’t have to repeat myself to her again. I will take that as a sign of a successful class.