In my day job, (or should that say my overnight job?) anyway, I am a student. I decided to get my Bachelor’s degree because an AS wasn’t going to cut it in the high tech world of computer forensics specialist’s. Sounds ominous and cool right? That was what I thought too. I had visions of Penelope from Criminal Minds with a little Abby from NCIS mixed in. Boy was I wrong. First of all I am too old for the FBI to hire me no matter how awesome I am on the computer and I am awesome! Toot Toot! That is my own horn, as if you didn’t already get my dorky joke. If you have been paying attention you know dorky is what I do. Secondly, like the too old thing isn’t enough, a BS means you have to take courses unrelated to computers and/or forensics. Things like Project Management and Systems Analysis and Design, lemme tell you that crap is horrible. What movie is it where the girl screams “you’re horrible, horrible” while slamming her door and is so over the top dramatic with it? See this is where that too old shit comes in again because I can see the scene in my head and can’t for the life of me remember the title. I will be right back, Google time. Say that like you are singing Hammertime by MC Hammer. Find your giggles wherever you can people.
Ok so, Mary Katherine Gallagher said it and Superstar is the movie. Know I wanna watch movies because that crap is funny. Anyway, back to horrible classes I hate. My silly self took all the interesting classes first, so now I am left with all the classes I didn’t want to ever take. SQL server, which is programming, and now systems analysis. Bah humbug. I want to look at crime scene photos again or measure blood spatter not develop project processes, b-o-r-i-n-g. But the only place I can bitch and moan about hating my classes is here or late at night when I am pulling my already thinning hair out by the roots (yep, the old thing again). I can’t let the children know I hate doing homework now, that all I think about is playing the Sims and teaching the grandbaby how to speak Samoan so she can really confuse people when I tell them she isn’t Polynesian. Instead I am writing code and fist pumping when it runs successfully and writing long, boring, technical papers about methodologies and systems. I plan on having multiple glasses of wine when this term is over, many many full glasses to be precise. Aww who am I kidding I will probably have multiple glasses later when I am doing my stupid homework.