I am humbled and blessed to have some very incredibly supportive people in my world. One friend goes to IEP’s with me when I need an advocate who also has first hand experience with The Boy, Jezebel or Jezzie for short. Another lives across the country from me but supports me like she is right here, Lil Sis or as I like to call her the Goddess.
The Goddess likes to send me little gifts to make me smile, in reality they make me cry a little too, because she gets me and recognizes that outside of all the hats I have to wear in a day, Mama is still a separate person who needs some me time too. These are my latest gift from T.G. They feel like clouds when I wear them and I never walk in them so they stay fluffy. Whenever I need a hug I slip my feet into these fluffy little fellas and immediately feel better. #smallthings