I saw a picture today that made me laugh. Not just a regular laugh but one that involved snorting and that weird laugh where nothing really comes out but that low wheezing sound. I did a hybrid of those laughs. I closed the page and went back to wasting time on the interwebs , yeah I know I am behind in with my schoolwork but that is so boring, besides I couldn’t get that picture out of my head so I opened the tab again. Then I analyzed why it was so funny, which made it that much more funny. I have had 5 kids, I know better than to laugh that hard but I did, more than once. I went back and shared it on my FB page because others need to experience their own version of the laugh I just gave birth too. I had a sucky weekend complete with me crying for hours and not being able to stop , then having to turn around today and explain what caused the meltdown to The Dad . I spent my day in my unicorn slippers with a tear hangover. Then I saw that darn picture. And I laughed. A soul cleansing, stomach ache causing laugh that may or may not have caused me to pee a little. ( I will neither confirm nor deny that actually happened.) I laughed, after thinking yesterday would be THAT day, after not sleeping because my mind keeps trying to figure out how to make it better for him (for us), after everything that happened today, I laughed. It felt damn good.


This is the picture . Oh, and the parents said the little guy was not hurt when he fell in the sand so I take that to mean it is ok to laugh at the entire scene. I laughed again just now. I may need to print this one out.