I swear the suggested groups on the side of FB tell me way too much about my FB friends. Do I want to know my neighbor belongs to a swingers group or that my kids Aunt  is in a group titled Women who Love to Please there Man, And take sexy pics showing it! Yes that is their typo not mine and it is a real group. I belong to a few groups, nothing quite as exciting as those ones but ya know, regular ones. Cooking, music, books, even my high school’s alumni group- those kinds of groups. But somehow FB has decided in their infinite wisdom those group memberships mean I want to join a group of adult men who wear diapers and the women who change them or some other randomly weird nonsense. Now I am by no means a prude, I read 50 shades, the first book and the sequels so I think I am pretty hip to the scene and knowledgeable but what algorithm do they use to make these suggestions? I clicked on all the suggested groups they choose based on one specific cooking group and none of the ones recommended had anything to do with cooking unless you like to call ‘IT” cooking. *wink wink*

I may go on a group joining spree just to watch my inbox fill up with questions like “are you really in a group for furries?” or  “did you really join a group of semi-polygamous stay at home moms over 40 who read 50 shades while sexting a one-armed man from another country and took pics doing it?” So my response can be “hells ya, want me to add you? I saw in my sidebar that is right up your alley.” I don’t think I will lose that many friends behind it, do you?