She is me.

OMG Cindy is me all over again, just taller. Man , what I wouldn’t give to have her height. She can reach into the tallest cabinet in the kitchen, that is pure magic to someone who is vertically challenged such as myself.  Unfortunately she has my bad qualities too. My brother once told me I argue unfairly because my brain works so fast I am processing what was said and formulating a response before they get a chance to finish speaking, she does that too. I am semi-sorta proud of her snark but I have to be the Mom here. She just can’t go around skewering everyone with her words and then gloating about it. Well I mean, she can, but the other kids don’t like it much so…

I am not sure how to ask her to tone it down, because I have trouble toning my own snarkiness down but I have to put my Mom hat on and figure this sucker out. I have to do so without tipping my hand because, truth be told, I reuse some of her material when she isn’t around.

Where Are You Christmas tayor momsen