It is a good thing that all my schoolwork is done on the computer or my Professor would be using up his or her pretty red pen making comments like “Great writing, cracker crumbs made it hard to follow your point in the 2nd paragraph” or “Because I said so is not proper citing in a research paper.” 

I have to shake my keyboard out every few minutes because little love likes to sit on my lap while I am on the PC and she has this habit of dainty eating so crumbs of every kind find their way into that tiny little space between my keys.  And the floor, oh the floor, when I roll my chair back from the desk I have to wonder how she is so chunky as much of the food finds its way everywhere but her tummy.

Sometimes I will be proofreading a paper and find innocuous comments sprinkled throughout and I have to chuckle to myself. My papers look like my phone calls sound . “JAD is a design and development methodology stop hitting your brother that involves the client no you cannot check the mail in your boxers well because you are 14 man noone wants to see that in the development process. This approach is no you cannot eat froot loops and ketchup for dinner results in faster deployment of the stop twerking right now boys don’t twerk stop it girls in this house don’t either- oh hell I dunno Professor can you just pass me because you feel sorry for me? Thanks. Love the crazy chick.