As an IT person I should know better than to do anything without saving or backing it up. That said I didn’t buy an external drive until this year. I have wept through the loss of harddrives and berated myself for not backing up my system and yet I still ignored that little voice that said “hey you, back that thing up’. Until my laptop died circa 2012 and I realized I could not salvage any data from it, it was gone, lost in the atmosphere, technically it was a bunch of 1’s and 0’s on a harddrive but you get my point. I went to good ole Wallyworld and bought an external that day. It may have sat in the box for a couple weeks before I began the arduous task of plugging it in to the wall and the PC. Exhausting, I tell you. Ok you caught me I am a chronic procrastinator and am uber lazy when it comes to my PC because I figure if anything happens I can fix it. Sadly this is not true. Although I did ultimately get all my goodies off ole blue (my laptop) I realized I needed to take better care of my system, it does go through a lot with me daily. If I am not writing for school, I am writing for me, doing research or working with assorted programs for work and/or play I am on The FaceBook. That is a lot for any system and especially for a system that is not backed up or defraged on a regular.

I set up a schedule for my PC to do its own housekeeping when I sleep; I have changed that time repeatedly because I don’t sleep well, often or on a schedule, I nap occasionally at the PC face first into the keyboard.It is actually kind of relaxing if you don’t mind the key dents in your face and drool on your keys.  I have my system backup daily which isn’t necessary but if I am gunna do this thing I am going all in. I save schoolwork to a USB drive and harddrive as I work and then later it goes into that magic little box resting ever so preciously or should I say precariously in the top corner of the desk.  I even hit the save button when I am writing now so I don’t have to start over when unexpected things occur. Ok, ok I TRY to hit save every few minutes. Get off me already; I am a work in progress over here. But in my defense they do say admitting you have a problem is the first step. “ Hi I am Moonstruck and I am a bad backer-upper and a sporadic saver.”