So the mother of the Grand and I are locked in a bitter battle. It has been going on for about 2 weeks and it will end 1 of 2 ways. I will get my way or I will take my money and go home. Hmph! She wants the kid to be Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin; I do not share her enthusiasm for a 1 yr. old in a belly shirt with a huge fake ponytail. Just doesn’t do anything for me, I cannot see the cuteness exponential in this equation. I want them to do a duo costume. I want the Mama to be Agnes from Despicable me and for the little Love I found a cute and I mean CUTE unicorn costume. You are picturing it aren’t you? You already see where I am going with this don’t you? At every door instead of trick or treat mama could say “She’s so fluffy!” Am I really the only one who sees the genius behind this?? Look at all the winning points here:

  1. She will be a freaking unicorn!
  2. When her mom does it she will belly laugh because she loves that part of the movie and who wouldn’t love a belly laughing, chubby cheeked, gold horned baby unicorn at their door? Amirite?
  3. Did I mention she will be a unicorn?

You see where I am going with this. It could get ugly here in the next week or so my intel revealed she has gone to her older brother and asked him to buy the Halloween costume instead. Little does she know I have already emailed him the link for the costume and my idea. *insert evil laugh here* If that baby doesn’t wear the costume you may wanna watch the news on Halloween, there just might be a story about a slightly sarcastic, round, premenopausal unicorn making her way around the neighborhood begging people to pretend to lift her and say the line in exchange for her candy. The funny part is that you think I am joking.