I have to accept the fact that my adult (that hurt to write) child will be leaving the nest soon. He is being heavily recruited by some of the top photography programs in the country and as much as I want him here I need him to accept one and follow his dream.

The Dean of Arts at his community college approached him about having some of his photos on permanent display in their new state of the art photography building; he has to turn down requests to do shoots because with school he just can’t fit everything in. He is literally shooting or in school 12 hours a day except the weekends, then it is more.

He has IT, that special something that makes him incredibly good at what he does and the wildest part is he is still new at it. He has been a photographer less than 3 years and yet he has been in a magazine and has his work on numerous fashion sites online. When he posts a request on his FB page for models, stylists, makeup and hair people needed to fulfill an assignment for school he is inundated with replies. He has to turn people away.  I see his greatness and I am overjoyed others see it too. I am just sad it means I will have to say goodbye to him soon. Phone calls, emails etc are not the same thing as him laying on my bed talking to me while I am at my desk or coming in the kitchen when I am cooking and just jumping in and cooking with me.

Call me selfish but I really like this dude, he irritates me sometimes and I know I irk the hell outta him but at the end of the day we have been together for 21 years and I am sad to know that someday in the next few months he will be packing up all those god forsaken lenses and camera equipment that fills every corner of this house and venturing off to carve his niche and find his path. I just hope Kleenex appreciates the business I will be giving them when he does.