Lately a friend of mine has been posting some very poignant stats on FB followed by the hashtag #JustBreathe .Couple that with a friend who has become family teaching this old dog new tricks and I am really having this incredible moment of clarity. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and caught up in stuff I forget that mantra, Just Breathe. It will be ok, it will get done, I will get through this, it is not as bad as I think it is.
This single mom gig is hard as hell that is a fact. After you add the special, very varied needs of 3 of my 5 kiddos and making sure the other 2 don’t get lost in the shuffle, plus the responsibility of helping my child be a good, no eff that , a great Mama way too young , sometimes yours truly forgets how blessed and fortunate I really am. My kids are verbal, they can tell me what their needs are, well most of them can but Ferdinand is getting better at it too, we have a place to live, food and clothing, almost all of our teeth and no gray hairs (yet). That is pretty damn good considering there are people, children even, outside in the cold with empty bellies, there are some Moms who never get to hear their child say anything to them, take my sister (who is my she-ro in every sense of the word, I want to be just like her when I grow up) she has never heard Mom or I love you from my  nephew. My middle one is profoundly deaf and has Asperger’s. Not only that but her youngest is deaf too, 2 out of 3 have never heard her voice and she hasn’t heard theirs, yet here I am telling my kids to quiet down and/or stop talking and this woman has never heard her boys voices! Crazy right? Clarity. I am sitting here stuffing my face hole with Puff corn and somewhere a child hasn’t eaten today or this week even. Clarity. I am fussing that my leg hurts and my friend had the bottom of her leg amputated because of complications from diabetes. Clarity.
I am sure I will have some more woe is me moments where I forget how much I have, but I promise to stop and #JustBreathe.