Back when my kids were babies I had the old cloth or disposable debate with myself. My sister had used cloth when she had my nephew so I had experience with soaking them and rinsing wet plastic underwear and the whole nine yards. I decided to go with disposables even though they cost more. Fast forward through 4 pregnancies and 5 kids and now I am having a similar discussion with myself about brief or pad diapers as I sit here with the flu and am having coughing and sneezing fits that happen without warning. Everytime I sneeze or cough I have to clench up and cross my legs while I hope for the best and by best I mean no pee. I swear if I am sick more than one more day I am going to the store and buying myself some freaking diapers. But I am still stuck on briefs or pads. *hands doing that scale thingy* Briefs…pads.Whatever I buy you can bet they won’t be cloth. No ma’am.