Holiday’s, schmolidays. Tis the season for meltdowns.  It is just too much stimuli and chaos for the Boy. He starts out amped, Thanksgiving means food and football at his fave Aunt and Uncles house, tables of food and desserts, oh the desserts. He eats and watches football and eats some more. Usually he stays the night and gets spoiled the next day. Thanksgiving he can totally get with.

Then Christmas prep starts and he starts getting a little antsy. I see that look on his face when I start pulling the decorations out of their boxes, half fear, and half excitement. He likes to go through the ornaments and remember when he got each of his, what he liked or didn’t like, sometimes he will even tell me what gifts he got the corresponding year. It is mind-blowing for someone who forgets what she was saying mid-sentence to remember something that happened 4, 5 or even 8 years ago. They are lucky I remember birthdates, because we all know I can’t remember names, just ask my kids Picalicindinandeo. His mind never ceases to amaze and confound me.

He loves the lights, white only, because colored lights make his brain hurt. He loves the decorations and the tiny town with a tiny tree brightly blinking in the town square surrounded by snow people and carolers… all of these are good things. He can do without Mom leaving without him to go do some quick shopping, he can really do without weeks off of school, out of his comfort zone and away from the rigid schedule he finds comfort in. He needs that safety net of not having to deal with all of us home, all the time for 2 solid weeks. It starts with the tiniest facial tic, followed hours or, if I am lucky, days later by increased stimming and agitation. The smallest thing will set him off and then he is filled with remorse because he believes Christmas should be joyous and merry. I try to offset the tension with lots of candy canes and baked goodies. Warm chocolate chip cookies and a mug of hot cocoa usually do the trick, if I am quick to offer them, or the idea of them.

If I am not fast enough we have epic meltdowns that last and restart and so on and so on. It is such a gyp that he can’t enjoy the season like other kids do.

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