I have noticed that when I am laying all snug in my bed, I write some of the most awesome pieces, in my head. They are witty, expressive, and full of insight wrapped in my particular brand of crazy and I am so proud of them.

Then I get up.

Once I open WORD or grab a pencil to jot these gems down I immediately forget how to spell the most simple of words, you know the SIGHT words you learn around 3 or 4. Yeah those just fly right out of my ole fickle brain quickly followed by my ability to remember which witch is which or where to wear my wares.

Take this piece for instance, I had just crawled back into my bed, made a cocoon of my comforter and was snuggled in when I began to talk to myself like I usually do,  I had just read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers about her friends medical battle and I had immediately diagnosed myself with the same thing. I was freaking out because when did my stomach start hurting like that or was that a deeper interior pain, I am a bona-fide hypochondriac but I never say it out loud because I am afraid if I put it in the air it will actually be true but if I stop myself in mid-thought then I can continue not going to the Dr. and will be health as a svelte, 20 yr. old who eats right and exercises. Perfectly logical right? So, anyway to get my thoughts off whether or not my will was up to date and did I need to erase any files on my PC I start thinking of a the fact I haven’t posted here for a few days, so I started thinking of topics I could write about and I just started flowing, the words were just running out of my head and sounded so good I got out of bed and grabbed a notebook…and lost every last word I had thought up. I couldn’t even remember the topic so I got mad and started bitchin’ on paper and here we are. I talked so bad to myself about myself that me and I are not on speaking terms right now. The only concrete thing I did come up with is I am going back to bed and I am taking my notebook with me so I won’t have any good thoughts and can just get some good sleep.