I totally love being a Nana. She is this tiny little person who wants me all the time. She doesn’t care if I have morning breath or stayed in my jammies today. She just wants me. I love that she busts into my room like I owe her money and wakes me up by saying my name as she taps the side of the bed. I am ok with the fact the only way I can pee alone is if I hold the door closed with my foot and that I have to shower when she is asleep. I missed out on all this stuff with the last 4 kids; I had to leave them and go to work. I did it with Picasso but hell that was 21 years ago and he is a boy, girls are totally more fun. Please don’t tell him I said that.

I love shopping for her and buying her toys her mom thinks are inappropriate, like Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels are cool I don’t care what gender you are and why can’t she play cars? Don’t we expect her to drive someday? Well, I don’t because, duh I don’t drive. But you get my point. Her mom acts like it is too much work to stop texting for a few minutes and get down on the floor and just play with her, she is too cool to sing nonsense songs about the toys, getting dressed or making a stinky poop in our pants. (Not me, the baby) Nana is not cool, never has been and I will do the most ridiculous stuff on the planet just to make that little girl smile. I am in uncharted territory here with her so every day is a new exciting adventure, I never had a Grandma, Daddy’s Mama died before I was born and Mama’s mother wanted nothing to do with us half Black kids so…

My kids are spoiled, they have 4 Granny’s. Well,a Grandmother, a Gram, a Granny and a Memaw to be exact . Lucky ducks! So I take a little from each of them, except Grandmother because she is the older kids Grandma and that woman is pure evil to me. She never thought I was good enough for her son because I was mixed so I avoid her ass like the plague. The kids have a relationship of sorts with her though, anyway… I take a little from the ones I like, how about that? LOL It is true though, I call her Dah-lin , sweet pea and read her books in a different voice for each character just like Memaw , I take her in the kitchen and we cook together like Granny while every instance, circumstance or task becomes a song like Gram does . Then I throw my own spin on things and Nana them up a bit. It is no coincidence that Nana and Nerd both start with N and have 4 letters. My Grandbaby just so happens to love the Big Bang Theory, she squeals when she sees Chewie, R2D2 and C3PO, she has a deep love of all things unicorn and knows what occasion calls for the fuzzy slippers and what doesn’t. Each day she flies her little Geek/Nerd flag a little higher and Nana falls deeper and deeper in love. The kid works my phone and Kindle better than I do and she is 1, she knows about Fibonacci and has the Scientific method written out in colorful tabs just for her, this kid will rule the world someday I am telling you!

I knew when she was born that I was starting a cool new chapter in my life, I realized today as I sang the A,B,C’s over and over into my cellphone to calm her down while she was at the store with her mom, that the memories we build aren’t just for her. They keep me going on the days that this whole grown-up, single mom thing wears me down and rejuvenate me to be better. One day, many, many, many, many, many, many times 1000 years from now when I am not here anymore I hope she tells her Grandbabies the story of her funny face making, song singing, crazy dancing Nana. And I hope she knows just how much she is loved.