So I was off in the wild blue nowhere reading one of the countless mom blogs I follow and there was a blog posted about the mom making the decision to medicate her child with ADD. Most of the comments were from moms like myself who have kiddos with ADD /ADHD and have chosen to medicate, but you know some troll had to jump in and condemn medicating.

I post alot about Autism and where it fits into my world and family, but I also have 2 kids with ADHD and I see the difference choosing to medicate makes. I promise you there has been no truer statement than this one as dude is off his meds today (Thanks Valley Pharmacy for not delivering them AGAIN) and he has jumped, flapped, spun, talked, chatted, sang, sung, rapped and scripted since about 7 a.m. I am out of caffeine and it is getting really touchy around here. It is hot as hell in this house and he is making it worse hopping, skipping, climbing, chiming, rhyming…all that crap. *shaking my fist at the pharmacy*

Can you imagine the amount of cool we could infuse in our kids if, instead of worrying about how Mr and Mrs X are parenting their diffabled kid, we focused all that extra energy into our kids? Seriously if you chose to medicate your kid or even not to medicate your kid I won’t talk crap about you (unless you are an anti-vaccer than I reserve the right to speak my warped mind because duh, diseases )(kidding not kidding) because I just don’t have the energy to care. I am over here trying to raise awesome wrapped in amazing with a side of adderall just to even it all out. BOOM!

P.S If you are my FB friend and read this little thingamajig-yes I did copy it there almost word for word. HEY! I just don’t have it in me to “be” in both place today so suck it.