OMG! A bug flew up my nose! I saw it plotting its course; I swung and missed, so the little bastard just zoomed right on in there. I can’t get it out. I blew, I picked ( IKR?) I screamed in terror, what if this thing burrows into my brain and starts a family? Maybe it is one of those bugs who reproduces all by its self and wants a big family? What if it starts a whole community of nose/brain bugs? Seriously this f*cker needs to get out! I start sneezing, not cute little sneezes, but big manly, spit flying everywhere sneezes. I am alone in my room so I am ok with not covering my mouth (don’t judge me, you have done it too). I try everything and this little effer will not come out! I remember the Neti pot. Salvation! I will drown this sucker!

Sooooooo that didn’t work and I swallowed some bugger water. (Don’t ask) And now I am sneezing again.


Epilogue: Apparently he was not a swimmer. I blew my nose 12 hours later (!!!!!!) and found his little remains on the tissue. Stop acting like you don’t check your tissue too. Really? So, I am the only one that does that huh? Interesting.