I wish people trusted my judgment when it comes to my kid(s).Or just kept their opinions to themselves. Why on Earth would I say my child has Autism/PDD-NOS if he didn’t? Why would I subject myself, him and his siblings to the endless appointments, counselors, therapists and interventionists? Seriously, that is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to or about me! I have had it with know-it-alls thinking they know my situation better than I do. Looking from the outside in, it may look like he is just a teenage boy who is trying to spread his wings and I am the horrible ogre mother who will not let him. In reality he is a child whose social skills are limited to none, he can function in small groups of family as long as he knows his boundaries and has an “escape plan” in place, he does and says things recklessly and impulsively and has found himself in dangerous situations because of that, plus a myriad of other unsafe and reckless behaviors he exhibits. Autism is hard to explain, maybe even more so when your kid is higher functioning or doesn’t exhibit behaviors that are commonly known as “Autism behaviors”. People shouldn’t judge, especially when those people are only around him periodically. The reality of the situation is he is mine and I will do whatever I deem appropriate to keep him safe. No one else loses sleep over him, or rides the waves during a meltdown but me, no one else has to deal with the heartache I do daily. So to those with an opinion I say “Suck it!”