After the Slum, err I mean, landlord gave me notice my worker told her she had to have a reason other than the one she had for them to accept a move request. She copied and pasted an excerpt from a lease she must have found online because I couldn’t find that specific paragraph anywhere in mine. 5 days into the initial 30 she gave me she used the failed inspection to say I violated a “housekeeping clause” in the lease. Nothing on the inspection was related to housekeeping though. After a few more back and forth emails between her and I and me and my worker, my worker told me she was refusing to make the repairs and that violated their contract with her which meant I still had to move, but I would have 30 days from that day, not her original date.

The first of the month came and went. I deposited my share of the rent in her account, like I had for years. The next morning I had an email demanding that I make housing pay their share to her or she was holding me to the original 30 day schedule. I knew she couldn’t but between the texts and emails plus trying to find a place, pack, figure out how to pay a deposit and deal with some every day and some not so everyday kid shit, I started to slide into a deep, dark place. It took every ounce of strength I had in me to just put one foot in front of the other.  I couldn’t afford to move all our belongings or store them until the place I found was approved. I ended up getting rid of all my furniture and most of my personal belongings so that I could get a smaller storage and allow the kids to keep their stuff. Finally, the big day arrived and we had to go. I had found a place, but housing was short staffed so it was going to take 14 days for approval. I spent my birthday moving my stuff into a storage unit and splitting my family up.

The 3 girls went to the older kids Dad and the youngest, eldest and I went to camp out at a friend’s house that happened to be in the process of moving so she was never there. She had already moved her furniture out so we were on the floor for sitting and sleeping. 3 days after we got there the girls had to come stay with us as well. 6 people, on a living room floor, in a tiny apartment with no hot water or gas for the stove, it was hell. I kept calling the new landlord to see if housing had contacted him and, nothing. 14 days came and went. I called and they said ,”oh it is 14 BUSINESS days.” 14 business days came and went. They said, “we are understaffed it could be up to 21 days.” 21 days later I call back and they say, “ 21 BUSINESS days.” 21 business days later I call back and they say, “ we never received your paperwork.” ????? What the fuck? How? Why have I been calling and being told it wasn’t time yet if they didn’t have any paperwork to determine what day I was actually on in the process? To say I lost my shit would be an understatement.  The person on the phone was very helpful and went through my file to find just when the ball was dropped. She reached out to the supervisor of the department and less than 20 minutes later I was on the phone with this woman being told my paperwork would be approved the next day and that my new landlord had been notified. She apologized profusely about the mix up. They scheduled the inspection for a week later.

To be continued. . .