During this move the Grandmother and I made the decision to leave the Boy at her place until we got in our own place, to avoid the stress and chaos that would come with all the unexpected changes and stress. He took that to mean I was dumping him there and moving without him. He stopped calling me and wouldn’t talk to me when I called. We finally got into the new house. And the Boy came home. We didn’t even get through the first night and he had the most epic of all meltdowns. He raged, threatened siblings and finally morphed into verbally attacking me. He cursed, he commiserated with his dad, understanding, finally, why his dad used to beat the shit out of me. He pulled the other kids into his whirlwind of chaos and then began to begin to slowly work on rolling them over to his side. He successfully got his twin to believe it was me against them. Soon they were tag teaming me. One would go one way and start in with their siblings, or even me. Then the other one would head the other way doing the same damn thing. Eventually, the entire house was in an uproar. Ali Baba decided she and the Grand were out of here. The eldest started looking for somewhere else to live. The twins found a common enemy, me. And when they couldn’t get to me they would go after the Youngest. And just like that, all the old behaviors and chaos were firmly entrenched in the fabric of the new house.
Today has been the worst day in a long time. It started before 8 a.m. and he is still rolling along strongly, with no sign of when or if this terror is going to end. He is on a rollercoaster of mania and we cannot get off. I am exhausted and out of ideas. The house is basically at his mercy. I just got him back in services on Thursday and will be calling his therapist Monday bright and early for info on further services. Maybe some wrap around services or increased services through another agency. Until then I will hold on as tightly as I can, but, realistically I am not equipped for this today. I am riding my own wave, of pain. I can barely turn my neck or lift my arms but I have to restrain and block a 6 ft. plus, 280 lb. teenager in full meltdown mode.