Well, we are officially at the “he caught himself before he swung on me” phase. He has been messing with his little brother all afternoon. I kept intervening and telling him to use what he had learned in therapy and he would walk away or laugh in my face. He is out of control right now. Just a few minutes ago they began to argue about who was next on the game. They came to me and started yelling their sides when he shoved his brother. I started toward him telling him to keep his hands to himself. He began cursing me out and calling me names. I walked in his room, closing the door behind me, because the older kids dad and family are here, he jumped to his feet and told me to get the fuck out of his face. I kept repeating “stop cussing” and he kept cussing. I told his brother to leave the room and he pushed past me and followed him telling me to get the fuck out of his face and room. He began his rant of how weird, immature, stupid, irritating I am and that I was only telling him to stop because they are here etc.etc.  I told him I refuse to be talked to like this and to continue doing this day after day.  He rushed up in my face and with his fists clenched, flinched toward me. I didn’t react so he began peppering me with a rush of profanity and threats then his arm began to pull back and his fists started to rise. I calmly told him If he hit me I would call the police. He called me a traitor and some other not too kind words. Then he told me he wasn’t changing and I need to deal with it because in life sometimes you don’t get what you want.
I’m tired. I don’t know how much more I have in me. I’m scared.