As I expected,  today’s debacle at school coupled with the super moon ,have made for one hell of a night. I asked him at 7 to start his chore. I came back again 20 minutes later and reminded him he had his chore to do. And again and again. Now it’s almost 10 pm and he is in full freak out.
I’m rushing him.
I’m speaking to him disrespectful.
I’m messing with him.
I’m purposely trying to set him off.
I walk away and give myself some space. Today has been such a crazy high pain day for me and dealing with all the chaos regarding the school has taken its toll. I’m struggling. I do not have the energy or patience to be cursed out. I’ll do the damn chore myself if it means he goes in his room and lies down.
He just went downstairs to do his chore. But not before he stopped in my room to calmly tell me he reacted like that because I’m disrespectful and go out of my way to make him angry.
These types of days make me wonder if it ever gets easier. For almost 17 years I have done everything I can to make it a little easier. Everyday I try. And every stinking day  I feel like I have failed him.