Kept The Boy(man-child #2) home to take him to the Dr and as we walked outside in the cold I made a statement about hurrying back home when it was done to get back to where it is warm. His therapist, who picked us up for the appointment, reminded me he is 18 and I didn’t have to go. TBMC2 got a little too happy and had a huge grin on his face while telling me he could handle this on his own and that I should stay home. So, I stayed home and he left with his therapist to go see the Doc. I woohoo’ed and made a speech about coming in and playing the Sims now that my morning had freed up, and then I came upstairs, sat on my bed and cried. I am not ready to let him go. All the trials and tribulations of single motherhood, with the added bonus of Autism don’t change the fact that the little baby I could hold in my hand at birth is a six and a half foot adult.
Excuse me while I deal with this new batch of eye sweat.